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The work force is the lifeblood of society. Employment, in turn, is very important as well for the sustenance of the worker’s family. As an employee, you should guard your rights in the work place to protect yourself against unfair and unjust treatments, which includes work place harassment, discrimination at work, employment retaliation and even against wrongful termination and underpayment or non-payment of benefits and other labor law rights.

There are many ways where your rights as an employee can be violated by your employer and other co-workers at work. If you have been discriminated at work, harassed or retaliated against by your employer on account of your whistle blowing activities protected by law, you have a right to seek damages for all your suffering and losses against your unjust employer.

On the other hand, if your labor law rights relating to minimum wage, overtime pay, meals and rest breaks, vacation leaves, sick leaves, holiday leaves, jury duty leaves and voting among others are denied you, then you can also file a labor law claim for all unpaid benefits plus damages against your erring employer.

In any event, if you think that your rights are being trampled at work, you should always remember that you can always count on Top Labor Lawyers who are always ready and able to fight for your rights even against large corporations or big defense law firms.

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    Qualified Legal Representation

    Our Top Labor Lawyers are composed of dynamic and highly motivated employment and labor law practitioners who have vast knowledge in current laws, rules and regulations relating to employment laws and labor law rights of all employees in Los Angeles and throughout California. We are more than qualified to help you get the best compensation you deserve against your unjust employer for any and all employee violations against you at work.


    Two Decades Experience

    Not all practicing lawyers are experts in representing employee victims in cases of employment law violations or labor law concerns. The Top Labor Lawyers of Free Legal Consultation have at least two decades of experience in successfully representing employee victims of work place discrimination or retaliation and even workers who were denied their labor law benefits. With our wealth of experience, you’ll be assured that we will address your labor law concerns swiftly and to your satisfaction.

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    No Win No Fee Guarantee

      The Top Labor Lawyers of Free Legal Consultation understand the predicament of all employee victims of employment and labor law violations in Los Angeles and throughout all cities and counties in California. In order to provide more legal aid to those in need we are offering contingency based representation backed up by our No Win No Fee guarantee which means that you don’t have to pay us any legal fees if we are not able to win your case for you. This is what separates our top notch legal service from other employment and labor law providers – we back up our words with our commitment.


    best success results

    Every employee victim of employment harassment or retaliation as well as those who were denied their rightful wage and other employee benefits want justice against their erring employers for the unjust treatments they endured at work. With this in mind, our Top Labor Lawyers have made it their mission to provide unsurpassed legal service to all employee victims in need. As testament, we have already obtained hundreds of millions in award for damages to our employee clients’ great appreciation and this is the best results we are bringing to the table when we go out and fight for your employment and labor law rights.


Your Personal Labor Law Adviser

Every employee has the right to be treated equally at work and free from fear of harassment or discrimination. As an employee working in Los Angeles, California or in any city or county within the state, you should know that there are federal and state laws in force to protect your employee rights against unjust or inhumane treatments in the work place.

Proven Success through Decades
of Employment and Labor Law Experience

The Top Labor Lawyers by Free Legal Consultation are composed of highly skilled and motivated employment lawyers and labor law advocates with decades of experience in championing the causes of all employee victims at work.

If you are an employee working in Los Angeles or in any city or county in California and you feel that your employee rights are being violated at work, don’t hesitate to immediately seek legal advice and representation from our dedicated employment and labor who willingly provide top notch legal service at practically no cost to you because we accept contingency based representation, backed up by our No Win No Fee guarantee as testament of our honest desire to provide effective legal representation to those who actually need them.