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A lot of employees think that only employment law violations relating to harassment discrimination or retaliation are actionable. Meaning, they think that only these are the only important violation of work place rights that should be pursued in government agencies or in courts. This is not true. Labor laws and labor law rights are also very important and should be protected in the work place.

Academically, labor law violations relate to non-payment or underpayment of minimum wage, overtime, meal breaks and rest breaks and even misclassifications by employers as exempt employees or independent contractors, among others. These rights are very important because your income or benefits affect how you support your family. These also affect if and when you will be promoted at work or how your career advancement will be gauged. Hence, if you think your employee rights to the legally mandated benefits are not being provided to you, then you have a cause of action against your employer.

If your employer commits labor law violations against you, you should be prepared before you file a case or even just negotiate your claims against your erring employer. There are a lot of things you need to consider in pursuing your claim, from filing a formal complaint, preparing your documentary evidence, gathering witness statements of your co-workers and, most importantly, seeking help from top labor lawyers in Los Angeles, California to assist and represent you.

File a Formal Complaint or Claim with Your HR

If you believe that you are being discriminated against by your employer or you are not provided with your rightful benefits, you should immediately report this matter to your HR either through phone, by e-mail or a formal letter of complaint or grievance. Your HR or your employment should have a grievance machinery to follow in cases of employment complaints. However, regardless if your HR take note of your complaint and acts on it or just receives your complaint but without doing any action to help you, the point is that you already have evidence to show that you filed a formal complaint against your employer instead of just ranting or complaining verbally without any proof in case you want to file damages in court.

Secure Documentary and Electronic Evidence to Support Your Claim

In any claim, evidence is very important to support a claim. Part of the evidence gathering process is obtaining paper trail and hard evidence showing what you are actually getting as opposed to what is mandated by your contract and by law. You can save your pay slips, other evidence of bonuses or compensation and even e-mails showing why you believe your labor law rights are being violated.

Obtain Witness Statements

Aside from documents, you can ask your co-workers to execute affidavits to support your claim. By having your co-workers testify in writing, your case against your employer will be made stronger. This will definitely tilt the allegations of wrongful acts by your employer in your favor as your co-workers do not have anything to gain and more to lose by confirming your statements.

Seek Help from Top Labor Lawyers in Los Angeles, California

Whether you are filing employment violations or labor law claims, you need to seek legal advice and representation from expert employment and labor law attorneys who have vast experience in these matters. You should never try to settle your case on your own because you will be at a definite disadvantage as your employer has the resources and the connections to frustrate your claims. Hence, if you are serious in trying to get the maximum compensation you deserve, let the legal experts protect you and fight for your rights.

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