Watch Out For Workplace Discrimination in Los Angeles

workplace discrimination

Discrimination should not be countenanced in any of its forms. It also definitely doesn’t have a place in the work place. However, they still exist at work due in part to employees’ fear of retaliation from their employers. Most employees know that they are being harassed but they do nothing because they don’t want get their employers made. Discrimination is a very serious matter in California and the cycle of mal treatment has to stop.

As an employee, you should be aware that discrimination can happen at every stage of the employment relationship, specifically: process of hiring up to termination of employment. While in the hiring state, if you are not being considered for interview because of the color of your skin or your disability, then you are already made a victim of work place discrimination. Similarly,

if you are interviewed but the interview centers on your religion or your intent in building a family or having kids then you are being discriminated against due to your religion or your gender. The foregoing aside, in case you are already hired at work, discrimination can still haunt you. If you are already working but you are being treated differently at work because of your sexual orientation, age or gender then you are also a victim of employment discrimination.

There are employers who are whimsical and treat their employees unfairly based only on their preference or bias. There are different types of discrimination that you should look out for, to include:

  • 1. age discrimination,
  • 2. racial discrimination,
  • 3. gender discrimination,
  • 4. disability discrimination,
  • 5. religious discrimination,
  • 6. pregnancy discrimination and
  • 7. National origin discrimination.

In cases of work place discrimination, you should understand that they are not always directly perpetrated by their employers. If you are not being ridiculed because of your age or sex or religion, it doesn’t mean that you are no longer a victim of discrimination. Sometimes employers are more subtle in their ways like not providing you with the same allowance or salary although you have the same work or job position as your co-workers or by always assigning you to harder work assignments not being given to your co-workers just because you are of a different nationality or religion.

In the foregoing instances, or in any case where you think that you are being harassed or discriminated against, don’t wait for it to escalate until you are wrongfully terminated or you think that the only solution is for you to resign. Seek help from top employment and labor law attorneys in Los Angeles, California as soon as you can to make sure that you are protected at work while your claims are being meticulously and aggressively pursued to get the maximum compensation you deserve.

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