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It is important for employees to be provided with enough time during work for breaks and to eat meals on time. In this regard, California has already enacted various laws to protect these rights of employees at work.

The California Labor Code recognizes the fact that employees need to be provided with rest and meal breaks and these short time offs from work are necessary for the health and wellbeing of all workers.

In case you are an employee working in Los Angeles or in other county or city in California and you are not granted your meal breaks or rest periods, then you should air your grievance immediately. In order to know more about your labor law rights, talk to your trusted meal and rest break violation attorneys in Los Angeles right away. In your claim, you have a right to obtain compensation for the minutes and hours you are made to work in excess of your actual hours minus the rest breaks or meal breaks.

Not giving your mandated rests or breaks may either be a way of your employer to cut costs unjustly or this could be a symptom of other more sinister or a serious problem, which is, that you could already be a victim of discrimination in the workplace. In either case, you should be aware of your rights and corresponding laws applicable to support your claims. California Labor Law on meal and rest breaks provides for the minimum minutes and hours of breaks that an employee should be provided during the day depending on duration of the work. For meal period, you must be given at least one thirty minute meal period prior to completing five hours of work. Hence, if you are made to take your meals after the five hour work schedule then your rights to have your meals and office breaks have been violated by your employer. Similarly, you are to receive a ten minute rest period for every four hours of work. If your employer asks you to work straight for four hours or more without giving you even a ten minute rest break, or you are made to do work related chores while presumably allowing you your break, then your employer should be held liable for violating California labor law. If you believe that you have a claim against your employer, contact expert meal and rest breaks violations lawyers in Los Angles, California who have decades of experience in pursuing singular or class actions against your employer to get the best compensation you deserve.

Please be reminded that not all employment and labor law lawyers are experienced in handling specific labor law controversies and other employee rights in the workplace such as violations of laws relating to rest or meal breaks. The best Los Angeles meal and rest break law attorneys of Top Labor Lawyers have vast experience in taking care of claims for back salaries, compensation and other benefits plus damages on account of violation of Labor Code rights. For every 30 minutes of break allowed by law, you should be able to leave the work place and enjoy your 30 minute meal break without any work responsibility and without restriction so long as you'll be able to go back to work after said period. Hence, if your employer forces you to do work related tasks on your breaks, then your employer is guilty of unjust treatment against you at work, which could just be a symptom of more nefarious intent of discriminating against you on account of his biases. Be sure to be protected at work by seeking legal advice from top employment and labor law attorneys right away to save yourself and your family a lot of anguish later on.

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