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The law dictates for a minimum hourly or daily wage of compensation for employees to protect them against abuses by their employers.

Due to the volume of people looking for jobs it is not unthinkable that some employers will try to take advantage of the situation by asking the employees to take less compensation or benefits as a condition for employment. However, this practice is not allowed by law.

If you are asked by your prospective employer if you are amenable to getting an hourly rate less than the minimum wage lest you don’t get the opportunity for work, then the employer is guilty already of minimum wage violation. According to California Labor Code, every California employer must pay their employees the minimum compensation, which is $8.00 per hour. If your employer fails to give you at least the minimum wage mandated by law then you can seek help from the best minimum wage claim attorneys in Los Angeles to get your unpaid back wages plus damages and losses against your employer. However, please note that you are only entitled to claim up to three years of unpaid salary from the date your lawsuit is filed. Hence, time is of the essence in filing claims for unpaid wages. Otherwise, you will be waiving your right to claim the complete benefits you deserve if the violation existed more than three already from the date you filed your claims.

Aside from knowing the minimum wage laws in California, you should also be aware of the treatment of minimum wage in Federal setting because in interpreting the difference between the federal right to basic rate of pay and the state minimum rate of wage, the higher minimum wage should prevail. Your employer cannot argue that he is giving you the mandated federal minimum wage if your state minimum wage calls for a higher minimum hourly rate for employees. If you are unsure of your minimum wage or if you want to be advised of your legal rights and the processes you can take in order to address the violation of your labor code rights, then you should contact top minimum wage violations lawyers in Los Angeles right away so you can be protected from further harm or retaliation from your employer in case you decide to pursue your valid claims against him.

Violation of the minimum wage law relating to employees in California can happen in any industry whether commercial, industrial or in service business. However, the most common industries where these violations occur are with the garment manufacturing, hotels, day care, restaurants and health care industries. Hence, if you are working as a waiter or as a care giver, you should immediately check on your mandated minimum wage and determine whether you are not being given the compensation due you. If you discover that there’s discrepancy or deficit in your pay, you can report this immediately and call the attention of your employer to the disparity. If he doesn’t act or address your concerns then you should seek legal advice from expert Los Angeles minimum wage violation law attorneys who are abreast of all the latest laws, regulations and issuances relating to California basic compensation violation laws. If your employer intentionally withholds your rightful wage, overtime or double time pay or to provide meal periods, you are entitled to all lost wages which includes all compensation or remuneration for service performed and hours worked by an employee regardless of the term of employment. Don’t let your employer escape liability by making sure that you get professional legal help right away to level the playing field and get the maximum back wages you deserve plus damages and losses consequent of your employer’s violation of your minimum wage rights.

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