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Tips are normally received by employees who are working in the front service of restaurants like bus boys and servers. They are also usually given to other employment where the commodity being offered is largely or purely service, like massage parlors and spas, parlors and the like.

Tipping is an accepted practice in most service oriented employment. Hence, if you are working in a restaurant, casino or hotel, you are aware that tipping forms a big part of your daily wage.

In California, you should the treatment of tips are gratuities given by customers directly and they do not form part of your basic wage or salary. Therefore, if your employer collects the tips that are given you to keep as income of the business or if they compute the tips and deduct them from your wage, then you should contact top tip violations attorneys in Los Angeles, California right away in order to address the injustice. Under federal and California laws, the collected tips, even if pooled together should not be appropriated by your employer as this is not the intention of the giver of the tips or gratuities. Hence, if your employer unjustly deducts tips you received to your daily wage, then you can surely demand for your unpaid tips and other back wages to protect your rights and claim the maximum compensation you deserve against your unfair employer.

Tip laws in California is mandated under California Labor Code, Section 351, which states in simple that your employer or immediate supervisor cannot collect or take tips or any form of gratuity (or any portion of it) from you and your co-employees. Also, your employer cannot compute the tips that you receive as part of your wage. Even in cases of tip pooling, which means that tips don’t go directly to you but are saved up to be distributed at the end of the week or month, your employer cannot use the tips for his own account or even get a share in the tip pool distribution. If your employer intentionally or unintentionally deducts or collects tips from the tip pool or directly from you, don’t just keep quiet and fight for your rights as your tips are a large part of your everyday budget for your family. Don’t be afraid to seek what is yours by obtaining your tips from aggressive tip violations lawyers in Los Angeles who have vast experience in investigating tip violations in the work place.

Most employees know that the tips they get should be theirs alone or should be shared with their co-employees. However, oftentimes they don’t say anything or file claims against their employer for fear of retaliation or worst, termination from work. Aside from knowing about your right to get the tips that are given you by your satisfied customers, you should also be aware that in case of tip pooling, the tips should only be divided amongst rank and file employees or employees whose work purely or largely entail manual labor or service are entitled to tips. Hence, your employer’s supervisor or any executive employee is not part of the tip pooling distribution. In order to pursue your concerns, you should immediately talk to your HR to address the unfair distribution of tips at work. If your employer fails to correct the situation and even allows the tip from being distributed to managerial or supervisory employees, then the only thing to do is seek legal help from Top Labor Lawyers’ Los Angeles tip pooling violations lawyers to help protect you from harassment or retaliation while you try to seek compensation for unpaid tips plus damages and other losses you suffered as a result of your employer’s callous acts. Just always remember not to try to negotiate your claims on your own as your employer will definitely be protected by defense lawyers who will definitely do everything to protect their client’s interest. Hence, if you are serious in getting the justice you deserve, asking us for help is your best chance in getting even with your unjust employer.

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The best Los Angeles tip credit attorneys are sought after for our decades of experience in aiding employees in getting the best award of damages they deserve for employment and labor law violations committed by their employers. As of date, we have already obtained hundreds of millions in award for all employee victims of labor law violations to include tip pooling violation against unscrupulous employers who try to take advantage of their employees. Don’t worry about legal fees because if you are serious in correcting a wrong done to you, we will be right by your side and helping you all the way. We provide contingency based representation as well as a No Win No Fee guarantee to make sure that you get the best legal representation, regardless of the actual value of your cases. Call Us Now at (310) 826-1777 for your free case evaluation or if you prefer you can E-Mail Us or take advantage of our On-line Case Submission and we’ll make sure to take care of your legal problems immediately.

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