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There are two ways where an employee can be illegally terminated from work, either through: (1) wrongful termination against public policy; or (2) illegal termination through wrongful discharge.

If your employer treats you unfairly and discriminates against you or otherwise creates a hostile working environment where you can no longer work effectively and where, ultimately, you are forced to resign for fear of your health, wellbeing or even your life, then your resignation is tantamount to constructive discharge.

The difference of this type of illegal termination from work is that it seems that the act is voluntary, because you are not thrown out by your employer but actively resigned from work. However, what is being punished here is the reason why you had to leave or resign from your employment. If you feel that you are being harassed or discriminated against by your employer and you believe that this will escalate or ultimately lead to your having to resign from work, then don’t wait for the last minute to call for help, you can seek legal advice from top wrongful termination attorneys in Los Angeles who can very well save your employment through their wealth of experience in representing victims of illegal discharge in California.

It is true that there are laws in force, both federal and state, in order to protect employees against unfair treatment at work. However, these laws also protect employers against abuse by vindictive employees who just want to get back at their employers. In California, employment laws provide that an employee cannot just simply quit his job and then sue for illegal termination. Aside from proving that your employer has knowledge or participated in harassing you, the adverse working condition which forced you to resign should be deemed intolerable. Short of this, you cannot just quit after being inconvenienced and then claim damages against your employer. To determine whether you have a cause for constructive discharge in case you are really thinking of resigning due to serious unjust treatments against you, you should seek legal advice from Free Legal Consultation’s highly skilled employment illegal discharge attorneys in Los Angeles right away. Due to our length of experience in dealing with employment and labor laws as well as their violations, we are already aware of all of the underhanded means perpetrated by employers to force their unwanted employees to resign. In case you are one of these victims, you can be assured that we’ll get the best compensation you deserve and make your employer pay for his unfair treatments.

Before you are able to claim your rightful damages against your employer, you need to prove first by a preponderance of evidence that your employer either intentionally created or permitted the harassment, discrimination or hostile working environment against you, which ultimately forced you to resign. Time is of the essence in these kinds of employment violations, which is why before you resign you should have at least sought redress of your grievance within the work place. You cannot simply resign and file for constructive dismissal. You should also show that you informed your employer about the hostile work environment or at least filed claim with your HR of the unjust or unfair treatments against you at work. With these, you can reasonably state that the employer was informed of the unfair acts against you and your employer either did nothing or even propagate the wrong acts against you. The best thing to do, in order to make sure that you are not frustrated in your claim is to seek legal representation from aggressive wrongful discharge lawyers in California to help you gather evidence and prove your claim.

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